Waste & Management

Dismantling end-of-life ships in an environmentally sound and safe manner is of great concern as well as being a major challenge nowadays. When dismantling the vessel, on-board hazardous materials such as asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), glass fibre, solid foam and waste oil can incur severe negative implications on the environment and human health.

Following Procedure followed by Sachdeva Group:-

• Before purchasing vessel Ship owner handover IHM to the SRF.
• Identified HAZ MATS are clearly labelled & marked as early as possible prior to dismantling of vessel.
• Handling of hazardous material according to the Ship recycling facility Plan.
• Removal Of hazardous material by trained person under the supervision of HSE Team.
• Hazardous material stored in dedicated temporary storage area in the yard.
• HSE Team Contact Authorised Sub-Contractor to collect hazardous material from the yard & issue manifest according to the quantity & type.
• HSE Team visit the sub-contractor’s site and check out the activities carried out by them.

Unsafe management and disposal of ship wastes can readily lead to adverse the health & environment.

For sustainable green ship recycling Sachdeva Group first priority is safe handling hazardous material without tampering Human Health and Environment.