Health & Safety

• Health check-up of our workers by qualified doctor twice a year.
• Health checkup for hazardous material handler annually.
• R.O water facility.
• A first aid room available in the SRF.

• All workers are insured.

• We provide Personal Protection Equipment’s (PPE’S) to our workers according to type of job they are engaged.

• Worker’s & Staff regularly undergo internal & external training.
• Employee regularly practice mock drill to aware what to do in emergency.
• All the workers and staff members working in the yard are given personal protective equipment such as
1. Boiler suits
2. Safety shoes
3. Eye protection gears
4. Gloves
5. Non-return valve based gas cutting equipment
6. Dust control masks
7. Asbestos-handling respiratory protective system

All the personal protective equipment used carries appropriate safety marks of national and international standards.

We continually improve our processes and develop the management system based on our performance and experience.